Funeral Service


ISA can provide complete Islamic funeral arrangements including:

  • Acquiring a burial plot at ISA Islamic Gardens

  • Obtaining a death certificate and burial permit

  • Arrangements for storing a body

  • Ghusl (washing) before burial

  • Janaza (funeral) prayer

  • Transportation to the burial ground

$3,900 Grave plot at ISA Islamic Gardens including concrete liner and grave opening and closing (Paid to Islamic Society of Annapolis)

$1,550 Services to prepare death certificate, Ghusl (Washing), Kafan (Shrouding) and transporting the body to the cemetery (Paid to the Funeral Home)

  • Name

  • Address

  • Social Security

  • Number

  • Driver License

  • Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Country of Birth

  • Race

  • Fathers Name

  • Mothers Name

  • Spouse Name (if married)

  • Highest level of

  • education

  • Occupation

  • Next of kin name and contact information

Determine if the dying person has any preferences for people who will carry out the Ghusl (washing) and Kafan (burial cloth).

If there is none, then the next of male kin for males and next of female kin for females should be available to perform the Ghusl. If none, ISA will assign members of the community to help out with the ghusl. Contact the ISA funeral representative for funeral arrangements without delay, and the body must not be kept waiting unnecessarily.

It typically takes minimum 2-3 hours to make all the funeral arrangements (obtain death certificate, open the grave, transportation). As such, a person can be buried on the same day if the death occurred prior to 9 am. If after, arrangements need to be made for the next day. There is an additional charge for weekends ($400 for Saturday, $500 for Sunday)

Typically the Janaza prayer is performed after Duhr Prayer (1:30pm) The Ghusl is typically performed before the Janaza prayer (around noon)