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The fees for the Hifz and core subjects program will be $250 per month. The fees are due on the 1st of each month. Additional costs may apply for other course materials and supplies. This will be communicated to the parents, if necessary. Financial assistance is available on a case-by-case basis; please contact the Program Administrator for further information.


Parents will need to complete the registration form and submit it to the Program Administrator along with a copy of the student’s birth certificate. Following the receipt of the application an interview will be scheduled with the parents and the student.

Qur’anic Studies

The students will be taught the Qaida along with Tajweed rules

The students will be taught the Qaida along with Tajweed rules to ensure students recite the Qur’an with proper makharij and tajweed. Children will learn the memorization of Qur’an and will be expected to dedicate themselves entirely to this task. 

The parents will also need to provide unwavering support by ensuring the children attend the class on a daily basis with punctuality. It is our expectation that with full dedication a student should be able to complete the memorization of the Qur’an within approximately 4 years.

English, Mathematics & Other Subjects

Students will be registered under the ISA Umbrella School.

Students will be registered under the ISA Umbrella School and will study English, Mathematics, and other subjects under the supervision of a qualified teacher. 

The curriculum will be developed based on the student’s current academic levels by the ISA staff members and corresponding materials will be provided. This will enable the students to maintain their academic development while memorizing the Qur’an to ensure a smooth transition back-to-school upon the successful completion of the Qur’an memorization. 

As part of the Program, the students will also be taught a class on Islamic Mannerisms, which will cover various aspects of life in light of the teachings from the Qur’an and Sunnah. This will teach the students how to apply Islamic values and morals in their daily lives and become good Muslims and outstanding members of society.

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Propagate within the community virtues related to being good citizens for their community, country and world and avoid wasting Allah’s resources. “But do not waste: Verily, He does not love the wasteful!”
(Sura Al-Araf 9:31)
Al Qur'an

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